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Top 10

  1. “World class performers at the top of their game.” –Vocalist Kathryn Rose
  2. “An exhilarating, unforgettable evening of the finest symphonic rock & GREAT FUN!!!” -Vocalist David Blamires
  3. “Perpetuate your classic rock past... with Jeans ’n Classics!” –Bassist Darryl Stacey
  4. “The Jeans ’n Classics band of top flight musicians are fun, wacky and easy to get along with. They bring the brilliance AND the party!” –Vocalist Stephanie Martin
  5. “Jeans ’n Classics lives the music and loves the memories each concert rekindles and creates. For two hours we let the world fall away.” –Vocalist Neil Donell
  6. “Shows are packaged to make things simple - your librarian will be pleased, as all music is performance-ready; your marketing director will have plenty of easy options to help sell the product; J'nC artists can be made available for media purposes or to meet with sponsors and donors; You're not taking a chance with Jeans ’n Classics... working with orchestras is what we do!” –Keyboardist John Regan
  7. “We truly LOVE what we do. Our enjoyment onstage and with the orchestra is infectious!” –Vocalist Leah Salomaa
  8. “Jeans ’n Classics’ mandate is to feature your orchestra, not relegate it to a pretty string pad. Plus, we have more shows to choose from than you could ‘shake a stick at!’” –Vocalist Lis Soderberg
  9. “One: it gets a whole new crowd and demographic in the seats to see your orchestra. Two: it features the orchestra in the arrangements, including solos. Three: sponsors love the JnC shows because they feature cool classic pop/rock music played with an orchestra. Four: the arrangements are well organized, ‘correct’, 100% legible, and don’t put the orchestra in a background secondary role to the band. Oops, that’s four reasons!!” –Keyboardist Don Paulton
  10. “We really want to visit YOU! ...And you should write more! You know how we worry!” –Vocalist Rique Franks


  • “You will leave in a great mood, after watching the spectacle of a rock band with an orchestra... playing classic rock & roll.” -Guitarist Dave Dunlop

  • “Audiences come to a Jeans ’n Classics concert expecting to be entertained, and end up with their worlds quite literally rocked out, jammed, grooved, moved and with smiles stretching from ear to ear... And that's just by intermission! Jeans ’n Classics is not just a concert, but truly an Event, in every sense of the word!” –Vocalist Gavin Hope

  • “Jeans ’n Classics makes it effortless for fine North American orchestras to bring popular music into their repertoire. Fantastic charts, talented and joyful musicians who know exactly what to do. No nonsense, great songs, guaranteed good times! I have never been on a JnC show that wasn't thunderously appreciated by the community we were playing for...and that says it all. Everyone goes to bed happy.” –Vocalist Andrea Koziol

  • “Great music + great orchestras = Audiences love it!” –Vocalist Katalin Kiss


What the Maestros Say

"When I look at the season concert list and see Jeans ’n Classics is coming, I get excited because I know the show is going to be fun, it's going to be quality, it's going to be packed and it's going to be a success. I love working with Peter Brennan and the Jeans n' Classics team."
Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser
Associate Conductor, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra

"I always look forward to a return visit by Jeans ’n Classics. They are delightful to work with, easy-going, yet totally professional. The arrangements are superb and the orchestra appreciates their clarity and ease of reading. Most of all, I look forward to the incredibly enthusiastic response Jeans ’n Classics brings from our audience - they love every minute of the performance."
Patrick Reynolds
Associate Conductor, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

"Jeans ’n Classics are amazing to work with in every respect. I and we have collaborated with these wonderful musicians on about 10 performances over the past decade, and the experience is always a joy for our staff, for our orchestra, and for our enthusiastic audiences. They understand how to rehearse with and play with a symphony, their symphony charts are great, they connect with audiences, and they have many great programs from which to choose. I highly recommend them to other orchestras and festivals looking to build audiences, and I look forward to our next collaboration with these great colleagues." 
David Stewart Wiley
Music Director & Conductor, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra (VA)
Music Director & Conductor, Long Island Philharmonic (NY)

"You guys rock!  A pleasure to work with, easy going and a whole lot of fun!  Can't wait until the next time. Great charts, clean, readable, well constructed and....well... bloody good!"
Andrew Sewell
Music Director, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra

"Throughout my two decades working with Jeans 'n Classics, I have delighted in their continually expanding repertoire, and have had a wonderful time with every concert. Their strongest suit, though, is their people - you will rarely find more positive colleagues with whom to work, lovely with staff and musicians in every case, and who welcome our audiences with warmth, energy, and great music."
Bob Bernhardt
Principal Pops Conductor, The Louisville Orchestra
Principal Pops Conductor, Chattanooga Symphony and Opera

“Jeans ’n Classics is an absolutely terrific organization- more than one could ever hope for in orchestra Pops: terrific arrangements which showcase the orchestra as well as their very talented soloists, a friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff and most of all performances with verve, sophistication, dash and energy that really connect to the audience and keeps them coming back year after year.”
Nicholas Palmer
Music Director & Conductor, Owensboro Symphony Orchestra
Music Director & Conductor, Lafayette Symphony Orchestra

"When it comes to exciting mix of symphony and rock, Jeans ’n Classics is at the top!! Peter Brennan and his team are just amazing. I have done several shows and loved all of them. The orchestrations keep the symphony musicians involved 100% and the audience experiences an evening full of colors and imagination. Every show I have done, I turn around and the audience is on their feet dancing and singing with full energy. I would hire Jeans ’n Classics in a heartbeat." 
Keitaro Harada 
Associate Conductor, Richmond Symphony 
Associate Conductor, Arizona Opera
Conductor, Tucson Symphony Orchestra Rocks the Fox Theatre

"The level of professionalism so high; the opposite of young rockers with no experience or finesse, Jeans 'n Classics are all committed and accomplished musicians."
Bruce Dunn
Music Director, Kamloops Symphony Orchestra

"They always deliver something that transcends this idea that it's just a cover show. They just have a real knack for this. Because of that it's more akin to what we normally do, but in music we don't swim in every day. I mean, after all, nobody thinks of playing Beethoven's Symphony as a cover."
Robin Fountain
Professor of Conducting, Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University
Music Director, Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra

What 'Orchestra Brass' & Event Planners Say

"The addition of Jeans ‘n Classics to our schedule has been extremely well received – our audience just loves you."
Elizabeth Brown
Executive Director, Lima Symphony Orchestra

"We LOVED the Queen show. It brought in a lot of people who have never come to an HSO concert before, and [singer] Mike Shotton was a master at getting our audience fully engaged by the second number. [You’re] a very pleasant and very talented group of musicians."
Dan Halcomb
CEO, Huntsville Symphony

“Jeans ’n Classics is a class act to work with both on and off the stage. They are quick to respond to requests, go out of their way to be helpful and are very easy to work with. No egos here, which is so refreshing in this business. Our outdoor concerts featured top quality musicians and singers at very affordable rates. I highly recommend Jeans ’n Classics if you are looking for an eclectic mix of symphonic music and rock n roll – it brings a whole new meaning to the word “classics”.”
Barbi G. Petersen
The Black Door Events, Saskatoon SK
Evening Under the Stars with the Saskatoon Symphony for the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation

"The concert was a huge success. There was around 1,100 Pink Floyd fans in attendance, screaming and cheering. We have heard only positive feedback so far, and we are especially impressed that most of the audience was new to the “symphony experience.” For that we thank you!"
Michelle Bizjak
Marketing & Development, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra

"The [Pink Floyd] show tonight was absolutely brilliant. I was so happy the encore included ‘Wish You Were Here’. I was so sorry that I missed Queen last year; unfortunately I was out of town. Can't wait to see what the SSO and Jeans 'n Classics offer next year. How about some Zeppelin?"
Melissa Goodchild
Office Assistant / Community Outreach, Saskatoon Symphony

"A terrific concert [Pink Floyd]. I'd have to say it was the best one of the three we've had so far here in Tucson. The audience loved it. The Michael Jackson show was a very close second. We'll see you in the spring!"
Andrew Birgensmith
President & CEO, Tucson Symphony Orchestra

"A fantastic concert [Women of Rock]! My thanks to Rique, Leah, Kathryn, and Stephanie for a truly outstanding show that rocked the house!”
Paul Helfrich
Executive Director, Dayton Philharmonic

“Working with Jeans ’n Classics was a dream. Peter Brennan’s orchestral arrangements of Pops music are brilliant. Our orchestra could still “show its stuff” but play music that attracts new audiences – music that they can relate to. The members of J’nC are great to work with – talented, professional, hard-working, and just darn fun to work with. We enjoyed working with them so much, we are bringing them back and I’ve recommended them to all my symphony colleagues across the country.”
Janel Ponder-Smith
Then-Executive Director, Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra

"Performing with Jeans ’n Classics has always been a wonderful, inspiring pleasure. Careful attention to musical preparation and detail, spiced up with a lot of fun and amazing performance energy makes for an exciting, entertaining audience experience. Great programs, great music, great fun!"
Theodore Baerg
Baritone, Associate Professor of voice at the University of Western Ontario
Director, UWO Opera Workshop

"Jeans ’n Classics has been performing for the Calgary Philharmonic for many seasons. They have presented many of their fine concerts with us. From an artistic administrator's point of view, they are an ideal ensemble to engage. They are organized, staffed by incredibly talented musicians, communicate clearly and promptly, and work in a straightforward manner. Their shows are complete - no additional programming needed, all music is provided and the performances can be prepared with only one rehearsal. Those qualities are sufficient to make me want to engage them over and over. But there's more. They are fabulous performers who engage the audience, entertain, and elevate their art to new levels. Jeans ’n Classics have developed a real following in Calgary!
Michael Wall
Then-Director of Artistic Operations, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

"Discovering Jeans 'n Classics has been one of the more divine happenings since our company began producing Roanoke's annual July 4 concert in 1996. Jeans 'n Classics has allowed our local symphony orchestra to show another fabulous side of its' skills with arrangements that bring out the best in each player. From an economic perspective, Jeans 'n Classics are worth a lot more than they charge! If you want to hear your local orchestra perform with a whole new groove, get Peter Brennan's lush arrangements of a huge selection of popular and rock classics hits. Of course, to get the arrangements, you need to arrange to book his band and vocal ensemble, Jeans ’n Classics!"
Jan Wilkins
Jan Wilkins Enterprises, Re: Multiple July 4 events with the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra

What our Special Guest Stars Say

“Great times working with Peter Brennan and the Jeans ’n Classics band & orchestra. ABC’s ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ sounded epic! Looking forward to the next time.”
Matt Glover, Blueprint Management (UK)
(Representing: ABC, Martin Fry, Peter Cox, Go West, Tony Hadley, Nik Kershaw, Alison Limerick, Steven Seagal, Headspace)
Re: JnC concerts with Martin Fry of ABC.

"It's a fun time every time with Peter Brennan's Jeans ’n Classics. Being part of it in the early years was great and I'm happy to see how it continues to grow and impress audiences everywhere. I love the way Mr. Brennan makes an orchestra rock." 
Juno Award winning solo artist and current lead vocalist and keyboardist of the band Styx

“As a boy growing up listening to the likes of the Beatles I, like most of the world was astounded when Sgt Pepper's came out changing the face of popular music forever. Most fascinating though was the marriage of rock/pop and classical strings, something totally unheard of and considered very radical at that time. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many more all followed suit. It has always been one of my dreams to hear and perform my music fully scored for orchestras, "just like the Beatles did!" Jeans ’n Classics has made this all possible. Brilliant songs from all eras, for all tastes, for all ages brilliantly scored by Peter Brennan are something not to be missed by music lovers. I am a performer and a fan. Thanks Jeans ’n Classics.”
Alan Frew
5-time Juno Award Winner, Grammy nominee, solo artist and lead singer of Glass Tiger

“One of the biggest thrills and indescribable pleasures in my adult musical life has been standing in front of full symphony orchestras, surrounded by the glorious sound of Peter's arrangements of my music. Not only has Peter helped me realize new dimensions for my own work, but he has enabled me to step into the shoes of Eric Clapton, and The Beatles, and to rediscover some of the fun & magic of what drew me towards music-making in the first place.”
Rik Emmett
Guitarist, singer, songwriter and member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame
Star of J’nC show Rik Emmett’s Guitar Heroes

“It's not often that we who labor at pop music get the chance to sing in front of an orchestra. Jeans and Classics gave me that opportunity. It was for me a great night to hear my songs being played by such amazing players. The orchestrations were first rate and the audience was generous and engaged. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of such a complete and entertaining evening and I hope the bridge between classics and popular music will find more champions because in the end it's all music, and great music feeds the soul.”
Marc Jordan
Juno Award winner, singer-songwriter, record producer, session musician, and actor; songs recorded by Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Cher, Bette Midler, Josh Groban.

“Working with Peter Brennan and Jeans ’n Classics was pure joy. To perform with his orchestrated charts was an incredible experience, taking our songs to a level we never thought possible. It was a highlight in my career that I won't soon forget.”
Gord Deppe
Lead vocals, guitarist and songwriter with Canadian new wave synth pop band The Spoons

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of hearing our songs orchestrated with Peter's capable touch. The band was great, the singers are awesome, who could ask for anything more?”
Lorraine Segato
Canadian pop singer songwriter, lead vocalist and primary songwriter with The Parachute Club

What the Patrons Say

“Just saw Jeans 'n Classics last night. You guys were fantastic and what made it even better was the SET LIST! I am a long time Elton John fan who really prefers all of his pre-80's music and you played many songs probably not as recognizable to casual fans but to long time fans, it was so great to hear these! I have every EJ album through Captain Fantastic, so all of the early songs were really appreciated! THANK YOU for a great evening and glad you all loved our little town!”
W. Lockner, St Joseph MI
Re: Madmen Across the Water – The Music of Elton John with the Southwest Michigan Symphony

"The show was fantastic. Amazing group, great band... the orchestra sounded like they were having a ball! Hope you come back again."
G. Faircloth, Madison SD
Re: Never Break the Chain – The Music of Fleetwood Mac with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra

"I've seen your Pink Floyd and Woodstock shows here in Winnipeg, both were fantastic!!"
K. Penner, Winnipeg MB
Re: An Evening of Pink Floyd – The Wall & Dark Side of the Moon and A Night at Woodstock with the Winnipeg Symphony

"Five of us (all in our 50’s) were absolutely blown away.  It was fantastic. The lead singer Michael [Shotton] is so entertaining with histories of the songs. My husband, friends and I are big fans of Jeans 'n Classics, and make it a point to see every show they bring. Even if we’re not huge fans of who they’re covering (rare), when you add the Symphony and the band, you can’t miss."
C. MacKinnon, Halifax NS
Re: The Song Remains the Same – The Music of Led Zeppelin with Symphony Nova Scotia

"Awesome reproduction of Eagles classics and beautiful blending of symphony orchestra and rock band. Looking forward to future shows now."
G. Berard, Kitchener ON
Re: The Best of The Eagles with the Jeans ‘n Classics Rock Symphony @ Centre in the Square

"Amazing show at Dayton's Schuster Center on March 15! Loved every minute - the women were fabulous, and truly ROCK!! Thanks for a great evening! Please come back again."
L. D'Agostino-Gough, Dayton OH
Re: Women of Rock with the Dayton Philharmonic

"This show was absolute pleasure from first note to last. The talent was in abundance. I feel so fortunate to be introduced to this group of musicians through the Symphony. Come again, please."
L. Hicks, Little Rock AR
Re: Shower the People – The Music of James Taylor with the Arkansas Symphony

"We were at the show saluting the Moody Blues, Procol Harum, ELO, Jethro Tull, and more and felt as if we got more than our money's worth. What a show! Jean Meilleur was outstanding belting out the hits we knew so well and brought back wonderful memories. I felt my skin get goose bumpy and my heart beat fast as the spectacular show hit on all cylinders. Singers Kathryn Rose and Leah Salomaa provided outstanding backup. These were not easy songs to perform yet this was done without missing a beat. Thanks so much for a wonderful, memory filled evening of the finest entertainment seen and heard in such a long time. Contemporary performers might learn something from Jeans ’n Classics. Best regards from a delighted fan."
T. Nocerino, Omaha NE
Re: Moody Blues, ELO and more... The Ultimate Symphonic Rock with the Omaha Symphony

"Thank you for this beautiful concert! The combination of the symphony with vocalists Jean Meilleur, Kathryn Rose, Katalin Kiss resulted in a perfect evening remembering the music of Billy Joel and Elton John. Thank you!"
A. Main, Winnipeg MB
Re: Back to Back – The Music of Elton John and Billy Joel with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

“Loved loved loved the show last night. The Beatles arrangements were awesome. Please come back soon!”
P.B. Voss, Green Bay WI
Re: Sgt. Pepper / Beatles Mix w/Choir with the Green Bay Symphony

“Your Fleetwood Mac concert here was nothing short of jaw-dropping in terms of its quality and its intensity. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking us back down memory lane to moments we were thrilled to live again.”
T. Callaway, Calgary AB
Re: Never Break the Chain – The Music of Fleetwood Mac with the Calgary Philharmonic

“Y’all were amazing last night in Salem, Virginia with the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra! Simply spellbinding!”
S. Dearing, Roanoke VI
Re: A Night at Woodstock with the Roanoke Symphony

“Loved the James Bond gig last night in Binghamton, NY... it was FABULOUS. I wish there was a CD of it. The quality of the musicians and vocalists were outstanding. A memorable night!!
F. Butler, Binghamton NY
Re: Shaken Not Stirred – The Music of James Bond with the Binghamton Philharmonic


What the Press Says

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