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An Innocent Man - The Music of Billy Joel

Jean Meilleur and John Regan are together again, bringing the music of Billy Joel centre stage with an orchestra.


Jean Meilleur (Lead Vocals)
John Regan (Piano)

With two of our core-artist female vocalists on
Feature and Backup Vocals:

- Feature and Backup Vocals
- Feature and Backup Vocals

And members of the renowned
Jeans 'n Classics Band on:

- Guitar
- Electric Bass
- Drums

- Listen to a sample from this show - 

Set One

Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
Uptown Girl
She's Got A Way
Say Goodbye To Hollywood
Goodnight Saigon
She's Always A Woman
We Didn't Start The Fire
An Innocent Man
Only The Good Die Young

Set Two

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
My Life
Big Shot
Baby Grand
Piano Man
Ballad Of Billy The Kid


You May Be Right


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