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Jeans 'n Classics Rock Symphony 

(Concert master Megan Jones)

Megan JonesOver the years Jeans ’n Classics has had the privilege to share the stage with a host of fabulous orchestral players. We have many “symphonic” friends from Alaska to Florida and California to Nova Scotia.

When we were given the opportunity, about three years ago to form our own orchestra for a number of specific local concert series’, we were thrilled to be able to ask some of these wonderful people to become our Jeans ’n Classics Rock Symphony. It is a personal and musical thrill to take the stage with these terrific musicians and our concert master Megan Jones.

The Jeans ’n Classics Rock Symphony can be up to 40-pieces/players.
For questions about booking Jeans ’n Classics with our Jeans ’n Classics Rock Symphony, or about booking the
Jeans ’n Classics Rock Symphony separately for an event, please Contact Us.