Building Younger Audiences

For Marketing Departments

The First 5 things to do once you've booked Jeans 'n Classics.....

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Call your local Classic Rock radio station and tell them you will be performing a symphonic rock concert in your season. Ask them to sponsor it, run contests for it, and really get behind it.

Make a list of potential sponsors who are trying to attract the Baby Boomer market and tell them about Jeans 'n Classics. Send them to our website.

Use us. Set up as may interviews as you can with your local media large and small. We will do them all.

Check out our posters and high-resolution photos in the marketing section of this site to help promote your concert

Use us while we're in your midst.... Sell a VIP ticket to meet the artists after the show, or plan a reception to thank your sponsors. We will happily attend. Have us autograph something and raffle it off or ask us about a draw to send 2 of your patrons to our hometown to see a show in London, Ontario. Please ask us. Is there something you want to try but you need our cooperation? Just ask, and we'll do everything we can to help you.

High resolution photos

Jeans 'n Classics offers high resolution downloadable photos for web and print publications.

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Any questions about our shows, scores, artists, Conductors, or the Jeans ‘n Classics Rock Symphony?
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