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Sgt. Pepper & Abbey Road

Jeans 'n Classics is thrilled to present what are perhaps the two finest albums from The Beatles. 

"Sgt. Pepper" was described as "a historic departure in the progress of music", and was the first example of pop music being elevated to the level of fine art. "Abbey Road" was the Beatles last studio album, but may be the group at their very best, with unparalleled playing and songwriting sophistication. Featuring two of our lead vocalists, with Jean Meilleur for Sgt Pepper, and David Blamires for Abbey Road.


For Technical and Production Needs:

Percussion List
Drums (Plexi Shield) Set Up
Stage Plot
Technical Requirements
Orchestral Requirements


  • Please contact Jeans 'n Classics with any questions and
    to go over the content of these tech requirements
    in advance of our engagement, thank you.




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